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  • 2023 The 133rd Canton Fair on April 15
    Mar 17, 2023

    On February 28, the promotion meeting of the 133rd Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou. The 133rd Canton Fair is a comprehensive restart after three years of the epidemic, and will be grandly opened online and offline on April 15. "This will be a long-lost Canton Fair." Chu Shijia, deputy director and secretary-general of the Canton Fair and director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said at the promotion meeting that this year's Canton Fair will fully resume physical exhibitions and invite new and old friends to reunite offline. Chinese and foreign businessmen can not only continue the "screen-to-screen" contact for the past three years, but also restart the "face-to-face" negotiation, to join in the grand event and share business opportunities. This year's Canton Fair will open the fourth phase of the exhibition hall for the first time, and the exhibition area will be expanded from 1.18 million square meters in the past to 1.5 million square meters, and the scale will hit a new high. In terms of exhibitors, more than 30,000 companies will participate in the exhibition, and more than 5,000 high-quality companies have titles such as manufacturing individual champions and national high-tech enterprises. The quality of the exhibition has been significantly improved. At the same time, this Canton Fair will optimize the exhibition structure and add three new exhibition areas for industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing, new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, and maternity and infant products, as well as three new areas for smart life, silver-haired economy, and testing reagents and protective equipment. , on the basis of maintaining 16 categories of commodities, the total number of exhibition areas has reached 54, and the total number of special areas has reached 159, fully displaying the latest level of industrial development and the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress. China is both a "world factory" and a "global market". In order to expand imports, the Canton Fair has set up an import exhibition area since the 101st session. Over the past 16 years, it has provided convenience for overseas companies to share global business opportunities. It is reported that this year's Canton Fair has set up an import exhibition area in the third phase for the first time, and all commodity categories are open to foreign companies. At present, excellent international companies such as Germany, Spain, and Italy are actively participating in the exhibition, and countries such as Turkey, South Korea, India, and Malaysia will organize delegations to participate in the exhibition. Fuzhou Wells attends to Canton Fair.We will show new table lamp, pendant lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps with competitive price. Contact Confirmation As Follows: Booth Number: Hall 11.3 B07-08 Contact: Maggie Liao Phone/Skype/Whatsapp: +8615160187155

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  • The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023
    Feb 23, 2023

    The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023(From April 12, 2023, until April 15, 2023) is coming. We attend the fair and the Booth is No.: 5B-A09. Our factory shows metal lamps, table lamps, and rattan lamp samples. Our showroom can be shown by VR technology, which can exhibit our factory from many views and know clearly our factory. We provide the E-catalog for your selection. Welcome to our booth No.: 5B-A09.. Contact us Email: Phone/Whatsapp: +8613696865308 Skype: Susie.ye87 We show e-catalogs including bamboo rattan lamps, glass lamps, metal lamps, crystal chandeliers, and concrete lamps for your selection.

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  • Nov 22, 2022

    On November 21, Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup officially opened in Doha, becoming the latest hot spot in all walks of life around the world. During the preparations for this major football event, infrastructure builders from all over the world gathered in the country of the peninsula, striving to create a passionate atmosphere on the field. Among them, a number of LED/lighting companies from China participated, bringing the quality light of "Made in China" to the participating players and fans. Hotel Lighting Solutions In the infrastructure construction of the 2022 World Cup, Huayi Lighting provides lighting solutions for commercial projects and urban infrastructure such as 4 star-rated hotels and resorts, high-tech industrial parks and green logistics parks in Qatar, and provides high-end customized lighting and commercial The lighting fixtures are decorated, and finally present the lighting and lighting design that conforms to the local aesthetics, is elegant and luxurious, and is full of cultural characteristics. In the Velero five-star hotel, Huayi provides its guest rooms and public areas with products such as giant chandeliers and commercial lighting fixtures with Middle Eastern characteristics to create a comfortable stay and shopping experience for fans; The iconic ECQ energy city complex in Erxin City, the overall lighting solution provided by Huayi helps Qatar's urban modernization upgrade. Unilumin Technology Arena Light Display Solution As the LED large screen supplier for the Qatar World Cup in 2022, Unilumin provides LED light display products and solutions for the final venue - Lusail Stadium. "In order to provide a better viewing experience for all fans and friends who follow the game online and offline", the Unilumin Technology project team fully considered the actual climate environment of Qatar's high temperature and strong sunshine, and faced technical challenges such as heat dissipation treatment and screen display. The LED display products are customized to ensure that the audience can enjoy the passion of the game in 360°.

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  • 2022 The 132nd Carton Fair
    Oct 12, 2022

    On the morning of October 9, the 132nd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held at the Canton Fair Complex. Xu Bing, spokesman for the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that the preparations for the 132nd Canton Fair are progressing smoothly and will open online on the morning of October 15. The export exhibition will set up 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, and the 6 categories of themed commodities in the import exhibition will be included in the corresponding exhibition areas. Enterprises upload exhibits enthusiastically. The uploading of exhibitors' exhibits information was launched on September 15. Up to now, more than 3.06 million exhibits have been uploaded, a record high. Among them, there are over 130,000 smart products, over 500,000 green and low-carbon exhibits, and over 260,000 products with independent intellectual property rights. This Canton Fair targeted buyers from more than 220 countries and regions around the world, and carried out 80 batches of email marketing. At the same time, focus on the market where the main buyers of the Canton Fair come from, combine with key industry themes such as electronics and home appliances, building materials, and home decorations, increase the application of professional tools, professional channels, and professional media, and carry out precise marketing activities for key markets to attract more High-quality professional buyers visit the exhibition. In addition, this Canton Fair will also hold a total of 10 conferences and forums on 6 major topics, including international economy and trade, digital empowerment, risk prevention and control, trade services, green development, and R&D innovation. Tools, home consumption, fashion life, health and leisure and other exhibition sections set release themes, select new products, new technologies, new brands, and new services to launch videos, and hold 200 online new product launches and debut events. It is worth mentioning that this Canton Fair will further optimize the functions of the online platform by focusing on improving the docking effect and user experience. Starting from the 132nd session, the online platform of each Canton Fair will break through the exhibition period limit, and the service time will be extended from 10 days to 5. Except for the exhibitor connection and appointment negotiation function, which is used for 10 days, all other functions will continue to be open.

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  • 2022 Frankfurt Lighting Fair - Inventory of Light Design and Trends
    Oct 08, 2022

    The 2022 Frankfurt Lighting Fair will be held from October 2 to 6. As one of the most important exhibitions in the lighting industry, this exhibition focuses on the display of intelligent and interconnected solutions, innovative technologies and current design trends. More than 1,500 exhibitors from 46 countries gathered in 12 halls. The biggest thought brought to the lighting industry by the epidemic is how to provide intelligent and efficient solutions for future buildings. Lighting & Design, as one of the three major theme sections of the exhibition, especially emphasizes the aspects of Trend + Design; Health + Lighting and Lighting + Safety. The use of architectural lighting is largely dependent on the user and the purpose of the building. For example, if it is used for teaching, i.e. school or university, concentration is required, which is enhanced by higher levels of blue light. Similar lights are required in hospital treatment rooms. However, for recovering patients, warmer light is required for an optimal recovery period. Different target groups also have different expectations for lighting. For example, older people need more light than younger people. In addition, in the case of lighting in office buildings or factories, lighting planning needs to take into account relevant industrial standards, and on this basis, a purpose-oriented design concept is developed to create a work environment that encourages positivity.

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  • 2022 Light + Building in FRANKFURT, GERMANY
    Sep 30, 2022

    World’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology (2.-6.10.2022, Frankfurt am Main/Germany) At the leading international trade fair for lighting and building services technology in Frankfurt am Main from 2 to 6 October 2022, the focus will be on intelligent and connected solutions, innovative technologies and current design trends. After a long pandemic-related break, the industry presents its solutions for planning and fitting buildings intelligently and efficiently for the future. More than 1,500 exhibitors from 46 countries will be standing together on 12 hall levels for the one-off special autumn edition. Most international exhibitors come from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Belgium and Greece. The Last Light + Building was held in 2018. The 2020 iteration was postponed and eventually canceled due to Covid. The 2022 event was originally scheduled for mid-March, but on two months’ notice was rescheduled and rebranded as the “Autumn Edition” now taking place October 2-6. So lighting patrons will miss out on another legendary St. Patrick’s Day at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub and will instead have to “settle for” a German Octoberfest experience. As a supplement to the physical fair in Frankfurt, the digital platform Light + Building Digital Extension from 2 to 14 October 2022 offers new opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and encounters. The additional offer helps to expand one's own circle of contacts in a targeted manner via AI-supported match-making. In addition, the Light + Building complementary program following the live events is available here on-demand. After the show, I will share the new lamps and lanterns at this year's show.

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  • 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
    Aug 09, 2022

    2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition The 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) ended successfully on August 6, making every effort to create a new era of lighting. It is understood that the theme of the exhibition is "New Era, New Responsibility", coupled with the main line of "Thinking and Doing", aiming to encourage lighting people to move forward. This exhibition brings together 1,288 brands from 13 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, covering 11 exhibition halls. Healthy light environment, let light understand people's needs better "Light is what the eyes see, what the heart thinks, what the heart thinks, and light understands people's needs better. The core of intelligent lighting is to provide the right lighting for the lighting target at the right time and at the right place. Foshan The intelligent lighting system continues to give space more possibilities from the perspective of human needs and preferences."   Dr. Chen conducted in-depth technical discussions on visual comfort-spatial brightness, rhythmic health-non-visual biological effects of light, mood improvement-color psychology and space purification-visible light photocatalyst technology. She said, "How to provide a healthy and comfortable lighting environment and light quality that meets medical requirements by optimizing product technical solutions and lighting methods for different applications and individual needs is an important challenge currently facing. Foshan Lighting continues to Pursue excellent light quality and scene solutions to meet users' demands for health and quality. We look forward to the whole industry working together to add strong impetus to the future development of the light health industry." Future buildings, empowering smart lighting with technological innovation   The digital economy has become a new engine for China's economic growth, and the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the industrial system brought about by the rapid development of the digital economy has broad prospects. At the 2022 Greater Bay Area Smart Ecological Conference and Smart Ecological Award Ceremony, Qi Jianan, Senior Product Manager of Foshan Electric Lighting Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech on "Future Buildings, Smart Low-Carbon Commercial Lighting Solutions". He combined the current social situation with the company's The market layout puts forward the future development characteristics of the lighting industry: wisdom, low carbon, high efficiency, and health. In his view, "smart lighting solves nothing but the problem of people and things. Through a centralized management platform, the equipment in the building is carried out. High-efficiency, low-carbon, energy-saving automatic operation can provide our customers with a healthy and comfortable light environment after receiving environmental instructions or changes in parameters, which is...

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  • The 60th Milan International Furniture Fair
    Jun 14, 2022

    2022 The 60th edition of the Milan International Furniture Fair will be held from June 7th to 12th at the new international exhibition hall in Milan, Italy. Type 1: colorful indoor decorative lamps What new trends to watch in Milano 2022? Let us take you through the 2022 Milan Design Week to find new trends in lighting design. From the art installations of luxury brands such as HERMES and LEXUS, to the exhibits of major furniture brands, it is not difficult to find that the 2022 Milan Design Week is not limited to black and white, and the global color trends are more diverse. In the design of lamps, many brands choose to use jumping colors to express the change of design, so as to better heal the mood and heal the life. Type 2: colorful arc and round decorative lights In the post-epidemic era, the design lines tend to be more arced, weaken the edges and corners, and heal life more. MVRDV and Belgian lighting brand Delta Light jointly released the "High Profile" series of lamps, which use aluminum concave to create curved lines, and Moooi's innovative fan-shaped design. Kartell's classic FLY lamps are all round. The concrete embodiment of the arc line. This kind of soft design is widely used in the design of lamps and lanterns, and the rounded feeling is playful to increase the childlike interest in life. Type 3: Portable interior decorative lighting In Milan Design Week 2022, Kartell, together with talented Italian architect and designer Ferruccio Laviani, came out of the circle again with the rechargeable lamp MINI GEEN-A. The designer created the MINI GEEN-A series, hoping that the lamp can be placed on the table, writing desk, nightstand or anywhere, it can accompany you to draw on the table, have dinner or a drink with friends on the terrace, or on the nightstand Read the latest books. More than just a functional object, it follows you around like a friend, but never gets in your way. This rechargeable mobile multi-scene lighting fixture has become a design hotspot in the lighting circle in 2022. Major brands have launched mobile lighting fixtures. These products are not only suitable for home space, but also for outdoor camping.

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