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/"Made in China Lighting" at the Qatar World Cup

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"Made in China Lighting" at the Qatar World Cup

Nov 22, 2022

On November 21, Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup officially opened in Doha, becoming the latest hot spot in all walks of life around the world. During the preparations for this major football event, infrastructure builders from all over the world gathered in the country of the peninsula, striving to create a passionate atmosphere on the field.

Among them, a number of LED/lighting companies from China participated, bringing the quality light of "Made in China" to the participating players and fans.

Hotel Lighting Solutions

In the infrastructure construction of the 2022 World Cup, Huayi Lighting provides lighting solutions for commercial projects and urban infrastructure such as 4 star-rated hotels and resorts, high-tech industrial parks and green logistics parks in Qatar, and provides high-end customized lighting and commercial The lighting fixtures are decorated, and finally present the lighting and lighting design that conforms to the local aesthetics, is elegant and luxurious, and is full of cultural characteristics.

In the Velero five-star hotel, Huayi provides its guest rooms and public areas with products such as giant chandeliers and commercial lighting fixtures with Middle Eastern characteristics to create a comfortable stay and shopping experience for fans; The iconic ECQ energy city complex in Erxin City, the overall lighting solution provided by Huayi helps Qatar's urban modernization upgrade.

Unilumin Technology Arena Light Display Solution
As the LED large screen supplier for the Qatar World Cup in 2022, Unilumin provides LED light display products and solutions for the final venue - Lusail Stadium.

"In order to provide a better viewing experience for all fans and friends who follow the game online and offline", the Unilumin Technology project team fully considered the actual climate environment of Qatar's high temperature and strong sunshine, and faced technical challenges such as heat dissipation treatment and screen display. The LED display products are customized to ensure that the audience can enjoy the passion of the game in 360°.

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